Six Non-Surgical Treatments to Combat Wrinkles Around Eyes

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Wrinkles Around Eyes Got You Down?

Have you started to notice wrinkles around your eyes or wrinkles under eyes when smiling? The easiest way to look younger is to throw on a pair of sunglasses. Why? Because behind those shades hide the first apparent signs of aging—the laugh lines and crow’s feet that pop up out of nowhere and get deeper with age.

But since we’re not all George Michael circa the “Faith” years, wearing sunglasses 24/7 just isn’t the socially acceptable way to conceal our wrinkles. Instead, with a variety of eye wrinkle treatments, including Skincare, microneedlingultrasound and under eye wrinkles filler, available from Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging & Wellness, you can face the world with confidence and save the shades for sunny days.

What is the best eye wrinkle treatment for me?

Because every patient is different in terms of their goals, time and budget, Ooh La La offers a number of options that can help you combat wrinkles around eyes. Dr. Jacobs always recommends starting with skincare such as SkinMedica and Colorescience first.  She says “Consider Skincare your treatment at home and the first step to healthy skin. We recommend SkinMedica and Colorescience Skincare lines because they are Medical Grade Skincare lines with scientifically proven results. They absolutely will make a difference with your skin so you are not wasting your money!”

TNS Essential Serum

TNS ES Eye Repair from SkinMedica® supports the skin’s natural rejuvenation process every time you apply it around and under the eyes. TNS, or tissue nutrient solution, offers a growth factor blend that targets the causes of wrinkles under eyes while peptides increase collagen production and antioxidants prevent free radical damage. Ninety-two percent of patients reported their skin looked more youthful in just 30 days.

Total Eye

Get the support you need for sagging skin with Colorscience® Total Eye® 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy. The serum delivers the hydration under-eye skin needs to reduce puffiness and smooth out fine lines. In addition, Total Eye brightens the eye area while hiding dark circles and is packed with SPF 35 to protect your skin against further sun damage. 

Secret RF

The latest wrinkle revolution on the market, Secret™ RF is an enhanced microneedling treatment only available in physician’s offices, that delivers fractional radiofrequency (RF) energy into the body. RF energy creates controlled damage in the skin, causing the body to respond by healing itself through the rebuilding of natural collagen levels. This skin revitalization treatment requires little to no downtime and delivers beautiful results which include skin tightening, improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, and textural improvements of not only the eye area but of the entire face, neck, chest, and body.


Like Secret RF, ThermiSmooth consists of controlled subdermal tissue heating and uses RF energy to tighten collagen fibers and stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. However, treatment is delivered with a temperature-controlled handpiece as opposed to being delivered via microneedling. The non-invasive, no downtime, and virtually painless procedure is suitable for mild to moderate wrinkles, making it ideal for patients whose lines are just starting to appear.  ThermiSmooth is an excellent option for a brow lift but it also targets causes of wrinkles under eyes and improves fine lines, textural issues, and dark circles.


Ultherapy® offers the tightening and toning of a face-lift without the side effects of surgery. Using ultrasound technology, Ultherapy gently heats the tissue below the skin to kick collagen production back into gear, helping to naturally lift and plump sagging skin and fill in eye wrinkles. Ultherapy gives an excellent brow lift while tightening up the entire face and neck.  There is no downtime and improvement can be seen around 3 months.

Under Eye Wrinkles BOTOX

BOTOX® Cosmetic continues to be one of the most sought-after treatments for crow’s feet and frown lines, and Dr. Kristen Jacobs of Ooh La La is the top injector in the Metro St. Louis area and a National Injector Trainer for Allergan. In just one 10-minute treatment, under eye wrinkles BOTOX® injections temporarily reduce muscle activity to visibly smooth under eye wrinkles. Results are noticeable within 3-5 days, look completely natural, and last up to four months. 


Dermal Fillers are another way to brighten up the eyes that many people don’t think of.  As an artist at heart, Dr. Jacobs believes in total facial rejuvenation. If you are interested in under eye wrinkles filler Dr. Jacobs will walk you through each of the above options as well as show you how placing Juvederm Voluma in the cheeks will actually brighten up your eyes while also giving you a more natural definition of your cheek bones, improve your nasolabial folds, marionettes and tighten up your jawline so everyone will notice you looked refreshed but can’t quite figure out why! Voluma is one of Dr. Jacobs favorite ways to brighten your entire outlook on life. 

Reduce wrinkles around eyes with Ooh La La

If you’re concerned about crow’s feet, laugh lines and wrinkles under eyes when smiling, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jacobs at Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging & Wellness in Glen Carbon. Dr. Jacobs and her team will create a treatment plan to deliver the youthful results you want, whether you want to start with an eye serum or take it to the next step with a noninvasive cosmetic treatment. To learn how we can help, contact Ooh La La today.