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Why Your Face Ages and How Dermal Fillers Can Help

Why Your Face Ages and How Dermal Fillers Can Help Thanks to our genetic makeup and the environment around us, we all age in different ways. Your husband may still be able to eat all he wants without gaining weight while you have to hit the gym to keep off the pounds. Or, your best

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Double Chin Removal

Double Chin Removal: Two Non-Surgical Options for Beautiful Results Even if we spend hours doing Pilates, hitting the gym or racing down the bike trail, there’s still one area of the body that can be almost impossible to tone. While usually a side effect of weight gain, a double chin can grace the face of

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One of Our Favorite Treatments!

Hi, everybody, it’s Nicole here at OohLaLa! We are excited to tell you about one of our favorite treatments in the office, which is coolsculpting. It is a non-invasive, FDA approved body sculpting procedure which eliminates the fat cells. So what’s exciting is you can treat so many areas of the chin, bra fat, arms,

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8 Warning Signs You’re About To Get A Bad Injection

You need to think carefully about where and from whom you get injections like Botox® and Juvéderm®, in this article you’ll learn 8 warning signs to identify when you’re about to get a bad injection. With over 8.4 million injection procedures performed in 2016, there are bound to be a few bad injections. A whole

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Kybella for Men?

Over 40% of Kybella Patients are Men Who Have Never had a Cosmetic Procedure Before. What Is Kybella, And Is It Be For Men? Did you know, around 45% of Kybella patients are men who have never had a cosmetic procedure before? That information comes from Conor Gallagher, Allergan’s Executive Director Of Medical Affairs. Kybella,

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How Much Does It Cost To Lose Your Double Chin Forever?

Learn how much it actually costs to get rid of your double chin forever without surgery. Do you hate your double chin? Every morning when you wake up and look in the mirror, it’s there waiting for you.  It’s that ugly little pocket of “submental fat” drooping off of your face, making you resort to

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Can You Get A Facelift Without Having Surgery?

Have you ever considered a facelift? There’s no shame in admitting it. As we age, things get looser and saggier and it’s only normal to think about ways to turn back the clock. If even just a few years. But surgeries can be scary and the long often-painful recovery process frequently makes patients re-consider their

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6 Warning Signs You Might Need Botox

“A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin It’s often thought that Franklin was referring to health in that famous quote, but fun fact; he was actually discussing fire safety. Regardless, he could have been describing our SCIN system for skincare and the quote would have been even more accurate.

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3 Simple Steps to the perfect Summer Body!

Do you have your perfect summer body yet? With May beginning to turn into June, and graduation season, not to mention pool season officially upon us; it’s fair to spend a little more time looking in the mirror and wondering if you’re ready. It’s only natural to feel a little more self-conscious when the days

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